An Epiphany

It is 1:12am where I am, I’m sitting in the dark, and I’m beyond tired..but damn it this was important to me.

“Ok Gopher, what could be so important?”

Well, let me tell you.

I have had an epiphany, and the epiphany is do whatever the FUCK YOU WANT!!


I know, I know!

To most this is already common knowledge, or shit it might even be common sense, but let’s just all remember my brain is a little on the fucked up side and what’s normal for others can be really hard for me!! Prime example, DOING WHATEVER I WANT!

No no, I don’t mean going and stabbing someone or robbing a bank (excuse my dark sense of perceived normalcy). I mean, you want to watch a movie you’ve seen a thousand times? Watch a damn movie!! I mean, you want to read book after book after book? Read the shit out of them then. I mean, you want to draw till your hand aches? THEN DRAW!

“Ok, yes, where is this going?”

I’m getting there!!

The POINT, ladies and gentlemen, is that no one tells me this..

No one smiles at me and pats me on the back and says, “you know, you can do other things besides working on your novel”…and I honestly wish I did. I wish I had a buddy who would remind me it’s ok to live in between making my dreams come true, because most of the time I want to do something else OTHER THAN WRITING but my brain sees it as a waste of time!

Do you have any idea how that makes a person who loves drawing and reading as much as breathing or eating chocolate?! It’s fucking devastating is what it is..

So here I am, with my epiphany, and that is that I will be my own reminder buddy, as much as I can, about doing things OTHER than writing. My epiphany is to remember to enjoy the things you always have, because they aren’t distractions unless you make them distractions.

And that little epiphany really makes me feel a lot better.

So starting tomorrow I’m going to finish reading the two books I’m half way done with, then watch a period romance, and draw a picture.

Fuck yeah! Revel in your rebellion Gopher! Fight your way to reverse psychology induced productivity!


Oh God I am sleepy lol

Anyway, until next time.


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