Guess who’s back?!

No, it’s not slim shady, though I am flattered. Lol

Nope, it’s just little me. Your friendly, most of the time, A & D psycho rodent.

-eye twitch-

Haha but in all seriousness things have been good since my wonderful epiphany. I have finished two books, and watched an old movie that always tugs at my happy strings. 

I watched Gladiator if anyone was curious lol.

I’ve got a new book idea, I’ve got some new art ideas, and I am very pleased to say everything is actually being done at one point or another. It’s awesome.

Anywho, I’m happy to say I’m quite…well, happy. I don’t feel so trapped anymore with my wants and dreams. Part of me of course worries that it won’t be long before I’m barely able to keep myself afloat again, but for now the ocean of my mind is calm and cool. The top of the crystal blue glitters and the sun peaks gently around the clouds, warming my face.

Ahhh, such a jovial feeling.

Next week I get to go on vacation to Florida and I CAN NOT wait to see and feel the ocean again. I can’t wait to be pushed and pulled by it’s waves, coming out smooth and polished like the stones you find in the sand.

Man I’m just…happy..and it means so much to me. Everything means so much to me.


Until next time


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