The Floating Pools

Sometimes…when I am alone..mostly at night, though there have been times in the day…I have a sort of dream…or a vision that plays before my eyes.. soul finds itself floating calmly in a pool..silver and mirroring is its surface…slightly bent around the form of my face, hands, and feet..

It’s a strange view…because I am watching as if watching a scene..always the same scene. It plays as if I am the camera, and the woman who is me is…well.. I am not so sure.

I float, completely lost in this mirror of water, and for a few minutes it is just me and the water. So perfect, I wonder what could be better. Then I sink, and slowly rise from the water. I don’t lift myself…my rising is not my doing in any way.

I rise from the water standing…as if the water itself pushes me up. I am naked, and dry to the touch. The water below me hardens at my disappearance, and turns to polished stone; reflecting the new image before me.

Cloud covered skies of pale pinks and blues. So breathtakingly idealistic, it’s as if God painted the sky himself. Whatever it is I stand on, more float nearby. Like islands of of frozen oceans, each one slightly different in form than the next.

I am happy here…but I am also lonely. There is something missing.

Then I look down, and below me is a wonder of blue and green. Oh how the world below fills me with longing. But when I come here…this feels right too.

Somewhere deep down in my heart…in the memories locked within my soul..I endeavor to wonder..

If this is a memory…

What if this strange vision and dream…is a memory of paradise?

What if…this is a memory of the moment I decided to try life again..?

I suppose I ask this question because…paradise…is paradise. There is no difference there.

There is no emotions.

It is beautiful yes, but ultimately cold.

What if when the Bible says we are created in God’s image it meant our nature’s? Our curiosity, our drives, our ingenuity, our happiness, our anger, our pain, our pleasure, OUR HUMANITY?

What if…when we ask why are we here..God asks the same?

When you create something…do you not wonder what it will achieve?

Do not you wonder what effect it will have on you? On others?

Do not you grow angry when it doesn’t work or strays from what you would like it to do?

Do not you scream for joy when it comes out right or surprises you with something better?

….if all I am is a funny little thing that was put on this earth to satisfy a divine curiosity…I can’t say I’d be angry.

Here I sit…in a world of people who breathe and bleed and grow…breathing and bleeding and growing myself….and I can’t think of anything more magical.

Even if the reverse is true…

Even if there is nothing after this…and the world ends with me…

Even if that is the case, and you explain it till you’re blue in the face…does it make it any less magical?


I was stars and space, and now I am a creature that rules and in my body lives elements stronger than diamonds.

What am I, if not absolutely wonderful?

What are we, if not absolutely magical?

Until next time


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