Today..I lost my best friend

Recently..I went on vacation to Florida. It was a lot of fun, and a great time with the family. Unfortunately, I had to board my dog. So I called around, and decided on the Peachtree Corners Animal Clinic…

Everyone I talked to seemed kind, and knowledgeable. They informed me that since it was a clinic she would have to be up to date on a lot of vaccines and they'd also give her a bath. Everything was good…but apparently it wasn't.

The day I arrived to get my baby girl…she was bloated..lethargic, and unresponsive. My heart sank and I instantly asked what was wrong. I didn't recognize any of the vet techs that were around me.. and two just shrugged and said "maybe it's because we woke her from a nap"

…..that's not how that works. Granted my baby girl was older, but she would never act the act the way she did when she'd wake up.. she was a beautiful ball of energy even at 12….and I loved her so much

I sat there for 5 minutes pushing the issue before they finally asked if I wanted to see a vet.

Finally we did…and the vet said they would do x-rays..

I had to go to work…there was no way around my brother flew me down the road to work and came back for my baby…

The vet said she had bloat….and my brother told me from the x-rays it was huge…..I don't even want to think of how long she suffered..especially since my brother was told by the fucking vet techs she had expressed depression, anxiety, and irritation in the middle of the week we were gone…but they never called me…..I never knew..

If I had I would've dropped everything and come home…I would've come and got my baby..but I wasn't given the chance….

The bloat had been alleviated by 35% while my brother was taking me to work..though I never authorized anything…and of course they tried to charge us for it…

Thankfully my mother raised hell on Georgia's behalf and she was released to us and we weren't charged…all while I'm at baby is rushed to her actual vet who does everything he can…puts in a notice for the ER that she might be coming in….and ultimately decides she is ok enough to come home so she can actually relax and be around us….

None of this news makes me feel better…because that's what happens when it's too late..but I hoped..with everything I had she would be ok…she was my baby..a super tough cookie with enough energy to power the sun….she survived cancer she could survive this…

I finally got home from work and bee-lined it straight for her…

She was lying in one of her spots…on her side…just watching my family move around…….then she saw me…really saw me..and her little tail wagged and I got down on my knees and told her I was sorry..and I loved her…and….

She seemed fine…happy..relaxed…a little groggy but ultimately ok…

We watched her…then we all hit the hay…I slept downstairs on the couch because she couldn't get up the stairs…and I wanted to be right there for her..

A little around five in the morning, I noticed she had moved from her previous spot on the other side of the couch to the her bed beside me…which made me really happy…..

A little around six in the morning, I noticed she was gone. I got up and saw my brother was up so I asked him where she was and we both walked around to the front of the house to where she was laying on the first landing of the stairs. She looked up at us and I heard her collar jingle….so we went back to bed..

She didn't make it…

My mother woke me up…and as gently as she could..told me that my baby girl…my best friend of twelve years…was gone…

I am angry…devastated…hurt….but mostly I'm sorry…I'm sorry I left her…I'm sorry I couldn't protect her…I'm sorry she had to hurt so much….I'm sorry I couldn't save her…

Her name was Georgia. She was twelve years old. We got her from a custodian at our elementary school a year after we moved from California to Georgia. She was just only three weeks old when we got her…her little eyes weren't even open yet…but I knew she was going to be my everything the minute I saw her..and I guess she felt the same because when she opened her eyes…she did it in my arms…and she saw me first..

She has been my whole world for so long….and she made the anxiety and depression bearable…….I knew I could tackle anything so long as she was by my side…

Now I'm just lost…I want to wake up right now and find out I'm curled up at home with her and we haven't left for Florida yet…

I want the bastards who did this to GET SOMETHING!!

I want to go back in time because it was ONLY yesterday…that's not that far back!!

I want the image of my dog walking out of a clinic unresponsive, bloated, and weak gone from my mind….
I want it to be I actually picked her up happy and well and I get to relax at home with her at my feet…as close as she can possibly get…

I want my dog….I want her more than anything…

You were my sunshine…My only sunshine
I will always love you..


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