The Sailor And The Rose: A Short Story

The night was chilly, with a mild humidity laced into the air. The world around him covered in a seeming fog, though he knew it was just his heavy soul making the world seem so. He needed a drink, and a stiff one at that.

He walked the wet streets slowly, taking in the surreal darkness he now found himself in. The obnoxious neon lights, the glittering puddles of rain beneath, and the mumbling brainless people moving in between them.

He walked into the first bar he could find, not giving a damn about the dirty looks or soulless eyes he was greeted by. He made his way to the bar; lowered eye lids showing he was almost as dead as the rest of them.

Just a few drinks, and he’d join them happily.

The bartender acknowledged him, but only long enough to gruff out a “sure” when he asked for some Southern Comfort. He threw it back quickly, relishing in the way it burned his throat and empty belly.

He threw up a small signal, getting another in return. And he downed that one too.

Five drinks in and the world seemed a little less fucked. Or maybe he just gave less of one; either was fine, but then the music started.

That slow deep strumming you only ever seemed to hear in seedy bars. The kind of strumming that went along with lost souls and jaded lovers. You know the kind; the kind that remind your heart what it was like to be shattered.

Yeeeaah, that’s what he was hearing, and God it made his whole existence quake. Wether it was because he’d heard it when buddies of his had gotten broken, or in his dreams because he’d never known it personally, he wouldn’t be able to tell you. All he knew was it gave the heat he was feeling a whole new meaning.

He drunkenly looked over his shoulder, only to see the source of the music swaying slowly in front of the pool table.

Her ashen blonde hair braided loosely down her back, and her pale skin glowing beneath the bars cool lights.

He stared for a while; his head moved from side to side from the drink, but he sure as fuck stared. And she knew.

You don’t stare at a woman like that and not get her attention. God in heaven, he wished he had done it sooner because her head slowly turned to face him. At first she looked surprised to see him staring; then the corners of her lips quirked up, and her eyes glittered with something he couldn’t place.

His hands suddenly ached and his mouth grew dry, but nothing bothered him more than the very obvious lack of her that he now felt. So he got up, and stupidly made his way to her side.

He didn’t care about the other men around her, nor about the one that seemingly had all of her attention. No, he didn’t care a single bit. All he heard was the strumming, and he wanted to know what it was like to feel it too.

He took her by the waist, pulled her close, and kissed her the only way he knew how; hungrily, and painfully.

It was like the whole world died right there on her lips, because he couldn’t sense anything but her. Nothing but her, and the music she came with.

God how he moaned when he felt her kiss him back; when he felt her soft hands reach up and bury themselves in his hair. She tasted of honey and smelt like roses, but her touch was sin and her love was thorns. But sailors were hardy men, and could wether any storm.

He vowed right there, sealing it on her lips, that he’d weather this one. So long as the music kept on. So long as the rose in her soul bloomed for him. He would weather it all. For her, and her music.

Writober #6

Inspired by Love Is A Bitch by Two Feet and my current lover


Tell Me What To Do: A Poem

You ever have that ONE person…that ONE person you don’t remember falling that deeply for…but years down the road when you’ve gotten stronger and are ready for better…they somehow show up in your mind and heart like a fresh wound..?

They somehow show up and make everything you’ve been looking towards seem off..? Seem a little less..?

All the questions hit all at once…

Will it be better..? Will they make me happier…? Did I already find the one and lose them..? Will the butterflies that I had so long ago return when I finally touch lips with this new person…? Or were they only with that one..?

All these questions that make my heart ache and my body tremble…

All these questions that make me want to tear my hear out and sob until my throat is hoarse..

I wish I knew how to quit you….but then..even if I did, I probably still wouldn’t have the strength to do it…

I wish I knew how not to come apart when I think of telling you goodbye…

I wish I knew how to not run right back to you…

God…had I known what love could be,

I would’ve fallen more sparingly…

Now here I sit…stuck between two loves..that I hadn’t known would be so hard to choose between…

Fuck man, tell me what I mean to you….

Please God, just tell me what to do

Writober #5

Hello, And Welcome: A Poem

Hello, and welcome.

The sun is not yet in.

I’d wake her if I could,

But it seems she’s gone again.

Please don’t fret,

And please don’t frown.

She’ll come right back;

She’s just down.

The sun can be quite warming,

And always make you smile.

But sometimes it gets too much,

And she’ll run away for miles.

The moon, however, knows this

And he always wants to help.

He’ll shine his light so proudly,

Just so you won’t yelp.

But he does it for the sun,

The one he loves so dear.

He knows just what she wants,

And whispers in her ear.

“Don’t fret my dearest sun,”

He says. “I’ll keep the light on true;

It’s not as good as yours,

But it’ll have to do.”

So hello, and welcome.

Please do take a seat.

The moon is shining brightly,

So his darling sun can sleep.

Writober #4

Inspired by flowers and my moon

Far Over By The Sea: A Poem

Far over by the sea,

Though I know not yet just where.

There lives a sweet young lad,

With hair so fine and fair.

He lives not up above,

Atop the jagged cliffs,

But closer to water;

For that’s where his lover is.

A siren sweet is she,

With skin like new born roses.

A drink of her kisses you’ll need,

Just be sure it’s in small doses.

Ah but he is all she sees,

With his wavy golden hair.

As her soft laugh beckons him,

And he gives her all his care.

Her home is in the sea,

And forever it will be.

Yet in his eyes she sees it,

The thought of you and me.

Far over by the sea,

There lives a sweet young lad.

He loves his siren madly,

And it makes me awful glad.

No dearie,

Not because their love will last.

It’s because they love so fiercely,

And it’s all they want to have.

Writober #3

Come Play: A Poem

Pull me close.

Push me hard.

Set me down,

Wherever you are.

Tease my skin.

Bite my lip.

Grab my hair,

I really just don’t care.

I crave your touch.

I want your stuff.

Call me good girl,

And give me your love.

Have I pleased you?

Am I good?

Come play Daddy,

You in the mood?

Fulfill my fantasies.

Take me on the high seas.

Rock me like the ocean,

And fill me with your motion.

Pull me close.

Push me hard.

Set me down,

Wherever you are.

Writober #2 😀


I’m back bitches!!!

“Gopher that’s not ni-“

SILENECE TINY MORTAL!!!! *creepily caresses your face* The Gopher is speaking


Anywho 😀 I am back! And I am in Loooooove *stares off into the sunset, sighing dreamily*

“It’s literally the afterno-“


I am on cloud 11, FUCK cloud 9 man.

The world is good, the sun is shining, and for the first time in my life my A&D is sitting in the corner of my mind like good little children and SHUTTING THE FUCK UP!!!

Oh HAPPY day!

He makes me laugh, he makes me smile, he makes me fuCKING FLY!!

Not really but you get the point of course.

And you know the best part?!

He’s seen all the shitty fears and thorns my past and A&D have created, looked it over, and simply said “yep, I want that” and I can not tell you how much that means to me…I can not tell you how normal and accepted that makes me feel inside..

For the first time in a long time…I am wanted; ALL of me.

So…I just wanted to share because I’ve found my muse and he makes me want to do things and makes me so very happy.

Wish me luck guys, especially since I’m getting back into writing my books and I’ll need all the help I can get 😂.

Until next time

P.s. I promise to keep more up to date. Screw Inktober, I’m shooting for writober 😀

A Soldier’s Question: A Poem

I can’t tell you what it means,

To wake up and see your face.

I can’t tell you what it means,

I just feel my heart beat race.

I wonder what you see,

When you wake up to my smile.

I wonder what you see,

When I stare for a little while.

Do you see the dirt there on my skin?

Do you see the man spread thin..?

I can’t tell you how I feel,

When I sense the world stop turning.

I can’t tell you how I feel,

When the darkness starts its swirling.

I wonder how you stand it,

Tainted hands upon your skin.

I wonder how you stand it,

Marred lips like silky sin.

What do I look like through your eyes..?

Can you see the monster deep inside..?

Why do you keep on smiling?

Why do you hold me tight?

Why do you kiss my forehead,

And tell me it’s all alright?

I don’t know how to function,

At least not normally.

I don’t know how to function,

I snarl and snap and bite.

Yet here you are in front of me,

Laughing and burning bright.

Yet here you are in front of me,

And I want you more than life.

Can I keep you with me..?

Can I keep you close..?

I’m tired of the monsters,

That dwell inside my darkness.

I’m tired of the darkness,

I just want to see your light.

So will you love me baby..?

Will you hold me tight..?

Most of all my dearest girl, will you love me right?