The Little Boy by The Sea: A Short Story

Down by the sea, just below the steep gray cliffs, there was a small house. Broken down and weather beaten, with scuffed and scratched window panes. Normal wear and tear from the sea salt spray and the sand that blew during the windy season. The wood that built it’s walls and door was cracked; splintered and flakey from the hot sun. There was slight discoloration around the foundation as algae had begun to thrive from the constant kiss of the tide. It was a far cry from a good home, but a home it was.

In this worn and creaky house, lived a boy. A beautiful little boy, with eyes as blue as the sea and hair as black as its depths. However, if the sun’s golden rays hit his locks just right, you could see the touches of blue-green in it. He had pale olive skin that never darkened, despite the high sun. A remarkably agile little thing, and swifter than anyone in the neighboring village. He was small for his age, but his frame and features were beautifully elegant. He could easily be mistaken for the child of a great lord, or perhaps a lost prince, but he was none of these things. He was simply a fisherman’s son.

His father also lived in the small house, but he was a cruel man. The boy was nothing like his papa; nothing like him at all, in physicality or temperament. His father was in his late fifties, with dingy gray hair and worn harshly tanned skin. He was tall but stout, and incredibly hairy. The boy believed his papa might have been handsome when he was younger, but it had to be far before the boy was born. Now, he was just a cruel old man, and he hardly showed the boy any kindness.

Since the boy’s papa hardly cared for him, the boy often times went and played by the sea. He collected many shells, and would very carefully examine the creatures hidden in the sand. He’d mimic the crab’s funny walk, and would make faces at the fish that swam around his toes. He’d even chase the tide as it went out, and run away laughing as it came in. He was a very sweet boy.

Now, you may be wondering where his mama was. His mama, very unfortunately, had died just three short months ago. Many of the neighboring villagers had thought his mama a great beauty, with a kind smile but sad eyes. They knew how much she had doted on her son, and pitied him for his loss. They figured he did not understand why she was gone, and it’s understandable that they did.

The little boy was deaf you see, and unfortunately mute too. It was because of this they thought him simple, but much like all things in this world that wasn’t the case.

The little boy was just as much quick of mind as he was quick of body. Because of his disabilities people gave him no notice, and he used that to his advantage. He knew exactly what had happened to his mama, and he knew exactly where his mama had gone. Not to heaven no. His mama had returned to the sea; at least that’s what he believed.

His mama had loved the sea better than anything in this world. Well, almost anything. He knew his mother loved the sea, but his mama loved him too. He knew this pull of her heart was why she died. It was not sickness, like the villagers believed. No, the little boy was fairly certain his mama had died of a broken heart.

Since he could remember, his mama brought him to the sea. She would cradle him in her arms, and watch the horizon as the water kissed her feet. He’d braid her long black hair as it swept down into his face, and smile up at her bright green eyes. He could remember clearly the longing he saw there, and the tight grip with which she’d hold him. As if to remind herself why she stayed there, instead of going to the sea. It was like his mama was making a choice, and he wondered if she ever regretted it. Regretted him.

He hoped the answer was no, and that she was happy with the beautiful boy. Happy with how much he looked like her, and happy with how much he loved her. Alas, now he would never know. Oh how he missed his mama. Especially today.

Today was his birthday, and like always his papa had forgotten. The boy didn’t mind though, at least not too much. The only part he disliked about this birthday was mama wasn’t here to remember with him. He had peaked out of his room this morning to see if papa might surprise him this once, but he didn’t. So he grabbed his mama’s shell bag, and proceeded to head for the beach. He wouldn’t break tradition, even if mama wasn’t here.

As he quietly walked the hot sand, he felt his eyes begin to sting with tears; his nose sniffling here and there. He picked up the prettiest shells he could find, and placed them in his bag as his mind wandered. He was sighing an irritating amount he slowly realized, but he knew why this was so hard. Every birthday his mama would do this with him, and with the shells they’d make things. Little trinkets they’d sell in the village, and later they’d buy him a present. Oh how he missed his mama. She knew just how to talk to him, and with her the world had sounds. Magical sounds only they could hear.

Slowly he turned to the sea, feeling it call to him the way he was sure it had called to mama. He had never gone close to the water without his mama, but he knew it was the only thing that would comfort him now. He made his way into the water, wading in the soft waves of the morning. Slowly he began to cry as he stood shoulder deep in sea water. His little body shook, and his little tears pitter-patted the top of the water. The ripples grew, as they floated gently out across the surface. The waves seemed to ease, as if to try and make the little boy feel better. This calmed him slightly, but it was not the same as having his mama hug him tight.

He took a deep breath, knowing his mama wouldn’t want him so sad. He rubbed his eyes gently, and sniffled softly. When he looked up, he saw a woman’s face; poking out of the surface of the sea. He gasped, and clumsily tried to move back. The woman looked curious, as if wondering why he bothered her waters with his tears. The boy wiped his nose, and very slowly raised his hand to wave. The woman smiled, and she lifted herself so that her whole head was out of the water. The boy marveled at her blue-green hair, and the powder blue tint of her pale skin. Yet what caught his attention most, was the bright green eyes she had.

Just like mama’s, he thought.

She smiled brighter, and beckoned him closer with her elegant hands. Hands that held dark webbing between her fingers. The little boy looked back towards his home, chewing thoughtfully on his lip. He shook his head at the woman, and turned to go back to shore. He had barely taken four steps before feeling something at his legs. He looked down into the clear water and marveled at the woman circling him, but he was most transfixed by the beautiful fin where her legs should have been.

He stopped his retreat, but she kept circling. It wasn’t menacing, or even scary. In fact the little boy found it funny, and he smiled down at her. Finally she stopped, smoothly poking her head out of the water. She lifted herself half out of the water, and smiled once more at the little boy. Her gaze softened, and with a gentle hand she wiped his lingering tears. The little boy’s smile faded, and his sobbing renewed. The mermaid tugged at his little hand, and he sadly followed her gentle pulling.

He clambered on to her back, wrapping his little arms around her shoulders. He looked back once more at his home, unsure if he should continue to follow. Yet, something whispered he should. So she started her swim, and the little boy held on. The mermaid brought him to the small grove his mother used to visit, and she gracefully lifted herself on to a rock. He pulled himself up on to the rocks as well, struggling slightly. She motioned for him to come to her. Once she had him in her arms, she rocked him gently.

The boy cried his little heart out, for in her arms he felt safe. She stroked his hair lovingly, and with a voice only he could hear she sang. It filled his little body with warmth, and even some happiness. When he felt better she started to do tricks, juggling precious stones she found in the water or on the rocks they sat upon. Every time he smiled, she did too. She brought him all sorts of beautiful things too, some of which he could even sell if he wished. Then when the sun began to ebb, he started to return to shore.

The mermaid made a sad face, but in his own way he told her he’d return. He didn’t want to lose her, he couldn’t. The mermaid nodded, but did not head back out to sea till he got to the shore safely. As he walked through the crooked door, he handed papa all the beautiful things the mermaid had given him. All, but a small blue pearl. His papa was very pleased, and quickly left to sell everything in town. Upon his return he wore new clothes, and his hair was cut. The little boy wasn’t surprised that he had gotten him nothing though, and retired to his room. He looked over the little pearl, and a smile crept across his face.

He wondered if mama’s spirit had sent the mermaid, or if it was mama herself. Either way, he was happy once again.

When he woke the next day, he rushed out to the grove. He beamed brightly upon seeing his mermaid, and jumped haphazardly into the water. The mermaid jumped in after him, and they swam in circles around each other. The mermaid gave him her back, and placed his little hands on her shoulders. When he finally got a good grip, she dove down into the water. She showed him the beautiful coral that flourished beneath the surface, and all the creatures that lived there. She handed him shells, pearls, and precious stones too. She would return to the surface whenever he tapped her so that he may breath, but as soon as he was done they were away again.

They returned to the grove when his shell bag was full, and again they had to part. He waved good bye to his mermaid, warm tears brimming his eyes. Once more he handed everything to his papa, and once more papa returned with all sorts of new things. None of it was for him though, and this made him miss his mermaid even more. With her, he was complete again. With her, he was happy again. His heart didn’t ache as much, and when he did cry she held him tight. He wished he could be a mermaid, then he’d never have to leave her.

He woke slowly the next day, and was confused as to why his papa was not home. He shrugged it off however, and proceeded to head down to the grove. He waited a long time, but his mermaid never came. It was a whole day gone before he finally gave up. Heart broken, he returned home. He saw his papa bolting the door to his mama’s old room, which hadn’t been done since mama died. His papa glared at him, and put the key on a string around his neck.

Still, the little boy was far too sad to really care what his papa was up to. He barely ate his supper before going to his room. He laid on his bed a while, his mind swimming with thoughts of his mermaid. He began to cry, curled up on his little bed. What had he done? Was his mermaid mad? He didn’t want to lose her, not like he lost mama. He shook with hard sobs, but all was silent to him. Then, a soft magical sound filled his ears.

He sat up in his bed, straining his broken ears to hear. It was his mermaid. She was singing. But where? He carefully opened his door, and poked his head around the corner. The house was dark, and the shape of his papa could be seen in his chair. He was fast asleep, so the boy crept out into the hall. He followed the singing to his mother’s room. He put his ear to the door, and could hear it inside. He looked at the door in horror, realizing his papa had snatched his mermaid. His little heart broke for the mermaid, and tears trailed down his cheeks. He had not meant for this to happen. He had just wanted his mama back.

The little boy decided right then that he wouldn’t let this happen. His mermaid belonged in the sea, and she would of a broken heart if she was kept here. He wouldn’t allow that to happen. So the boy wiped his face of tears and crept towards his papa. With all his courage he moved closer,so close he could smell the drink on his father’s breath.

The little boy bit his lip, and reached out to take gentle hold of the string. He sucked in a breath when his father grunted; quickening his fingers at untying the string. He lifted the key upon its loosening, and tip-toed back to the door. Thankfully, it was not too high for him to reach. He very carefully unlocked the bolt, and moved inside the room. His eyes had to adjust to the dark room, but with the help of the full moon he could see a little.

There on his mama’s bed sat the mermaid, at least he thought it was her. Her hair was black like his, and instead of a fin she had legs. When the woman looked up at him, she smiled sweetly. It was indeed her, his little mermaid. He quickly took hold of her hand, and quietly made their way to the door. He looked to see if his papa had woken, but he was still fast asleep. He took a deep breath, and made his way to the front door. He held onto his mermaid tight, his little knuckles white from strain.

As they got closer to the sea, the mermaid released his hand. She quickly dove into the icy waters, and before he knew it she was gone. He looked out into the sea, but he could see nothing. He was happy she was safe, but he wish it hadn’t included losing her. The little boy made his way back home, and crept back to his room. Soon his papa would wake and see what he had done, but the little boy did not care.

He took out the little blue pearl, and lovingly ran his finger over its smooth surface. He wondered if he’d ever see her again, but he knew the answer was most likely no. He was almost asleep when he heard his mermaid’s song. He looked up to see her looking in his window. She smiled, and waved at him. He got up, and opened his window to her. She sweetly touched his face, wiping his tears. In a way only he could understand, she gave him a choice. As he had saved her, the mermaid now owed him a debt. This could either be payed in riches, or be payed…with a wish.

The boy thought about this, and looked all around at his little room. He looked at his mermaid, and with his heart he chose. The mermaid smiled, and scooped the little boy up into her arms. They headed back to the sea, and as the sun began to rise the mermaid looked back. She watched as his papa came barreling out of the house. She pulled the boy close to her chest, and smiled wide at the angry man.

“You took my dear sister from me. She is gone, but here I have her child. Her most precious one. This, is the only thing I shall thank you for.”

Before his papa could reply, she dove into the water. The little boy held onto his mermaid tightly, but soon felt a tingling in his legs. He looked down, and saw with amazement his legs turn to a fin. He beamed at the mermaid, and the mermaid smiled sweetly back. She lovingly took his hand, and together they swam away. To the depths of the sea, where magic still lies.


Definitely Unexpected: A Short Story, Part 4

I kept watching the clock, knowing I was running late. The meeting with my editor couldn’t be put off, and I was sorry for it. When we were finally done I booked it to the park, I didn’t even bother to be careful.

It didn’t matter though, because I saw as soon as I got towards the far end of the walking path. He didn’t look happy, rather it was sadness that I saw. There was possibly even a little apprehension. I slowed as I got closer, and already a million worries went through my mind.

He smiled when he saw me, but it wasn’t his usual smile. It wasn’t the one he only ever gave me. No, this one was a brave smile. The kind of smile you wear before having to say something hard, something bitter.

“Hello Emma.” He said.

“Hello Rick.” I replied.

He looked down at his feet, shuffling the gravel around mindlessly. I was about to tell him to get on with whatever it was he wanted to say, but a voice suddenly cut into the tense air.

“So, THIS is why you’ve been disappearing everyday.” A man said.

I looked to see a smartly dressed gentleman, walking towards us with a very deliberate gait.

“Allen no, please wait.” Rick stammered.

“Do you realize the ramifications you could cause if someone got pictures of you two?! Sneaking off with some strange woman?!” The man name Allen growled.

I didn’t bother to listen after that, the shattering sound of my heart was pretty damn loud. I could hardly breathe, and yet I stood there like a mannequin. Finally, I mustered up my courage and tapped on Allen’s shoulder.

“What?!” He hissed.

“I believe you have the wrong idea.” I said softly.

“Is that so?”

“Yes,” I affirmed. “I just met this man. He was asking me if there were any other walking paths before you came in.”

I surprised even myself how calm and believing I sounded. Not a single vowel quivered.

“Is this true?” Allen asked, turning on Rick.

Rick didn’t look at him, he just stared at me. I could see the surprise he felt, but if there was anything else I refused to see it. I was pretty good of slicing off anything that could hurt me…and Rick Amins was definitely one of them.

“I don’t know what you thought was happening but I don’t know this man. Nor did I have anything to do with his sneaking off,” I stated firmly. “Good day…”

So I turned and left, as quickly as I could without seeming odd. I ignored the painful ache in my chest till I got home, that’s when I finally broke down.

As cruel as the voices in my head could be, they were silent on this. They let me sob to my hearts content, with not even a single I told you so. I wept till my eyes hurt and my voice was hoarse, not caring to think about anything.

I knew I shouldn’t have let the feelings grow, and I knew nothing good would come from it. Yet here I was, in love and in pain. I dragged myself to the shower, allowing the warm water to caress and console me. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t wish it was him.

I promptly fell asleep after that, and I didn’t wake till the afternoon of the next day.

I quietly made my way to my kitchen, looking around but not really seeing. I didn’t really want to eat, but the ache in my belly told me to. I didn’t really participate in the world till I heard the doorbell. I yawned and made my way to the door, placing my well crafted fake smile on my face.

I opened the door to a young man, not much older that seventeen. He looked me up and down, then handed me a letter. I lifted an eyebrow, but proceeded to take it. He beamed me a smile, and it was all I could do not to hiss.

He left my porch, hopping on a bike and taking off down the road. I looked down at the letter, and read the familiar name causing my heart to skip a beat.

I shut my door, and walked back to the kitchen. I sat down slowly and,after some deliberation, I proceeded to open it. I took the paper in my hands, and read:

Dear Emma,

I know after yesterday you must hate me, and I must confess it hurts me to have to accept that fact. It hurts me more to know I was the cause of it. I waited all day yesterday, I thought maybe you might come back…I don’t know what you might be thinking, but allow me to tell you the truth.

I’m in love with you…I think I have been for a while now. I can’t pinpoint the moment or the word or the look, but I know it happened without me realizing it.

I’m so sorry if I hurt you Emma, but I do love you. I had come to tell you I’m going back to New York before that oaf Allen interrupted. He’s not bad, just protective of my privacy. I hope you’ll forgive me and you’ll write me back. I would of course love to see you again…but if you don’t return the sentiment..well, I’ll be honest I don’t know what I’ll do. Just know, no matter your choice, I’ll always remember you. The way you looked in the field while you read, but mainly how you looked on that rickety dock at sunset. That was the day you really set my soul on fire…



I folded the letter back up, not entirely sure what to do. All I could do was smile, because it was all so unexpected. Definitely, unexpected.

Definitely Unexpected: A Short Story, Part 3

I don’t know what’s come over me. For the past ten days I’ve gone to the park, and for the past ten days I’ve read to a man I can’t truly grasp. I mean, who spends day after day with a stranger. Never do we speak of him or his life, lest I cause an unwelcome distress on his features.

We’re always talking about me. At first it was conversation about the book, but after each of my answers he always made this face. As if the words that fell from my lips surprised him in some fashion. I’d answer his questions to the best of my abilities, and with all the honesty they would merit, but it seemed as if the answers just made him want to peer inside the person giving them.

I never thought any of my answers were particularly clever, but that face of his would say otherwise. After the first couple of days he would begin to interrupt with questions about myself that could be related to what we were reading, but soon they simply devolved into simple questions about my favorite things or my aspirations.

We talked about my job as an author, and of what all I aspired to be. We talked about my passions and loves, or even the things that irritated me. He even managed to coax out a few of my fears. Deep fears I didn’t divulge with anyone, but with him they just flowed from my heart; the weight on my soul lifting as each word toppled out into the world.

Each time it happened I snapped the book shut and left. He never chased after me, nor did he call my name. He would simply watch as I disappeared, and when I returned a few minutes later he’d give me a smile and pet my head.

I appreciated that most of all. He knew when to tease and knew when to leave well enough alone. He knew when to speak, and he knew when to be silent. He was very, very good at reading me, and I often wondered why? Was I easy to read? Or was it only a simple task for him? If it was only for him, why wasn’t reading him easy for me?

I ran my fingers through my hair, frustration coursing through my temples. Any time I asked about him he said there wasn’t much to tell, and most could be looked up on the Internet. As if that was a good enough explanation as to why it was only me sharing themselves.

I looked out the window; out into the humid day that hissed at me from behind the pane. I hated the Georgia humidity, and the last thing I wanted was to spend a whole day in it.

But he’ll be there, I thought.

Would he? I didn’t know that for a fact. Despite each day of seeing his face, I was still sure the next would be a disappointment. I was still sure the next day would be the day I said good bye. Just the thought made my chest tighten; which earned me a chastisement as usual. Who was I to get feelings for some random man I hardly knew?! An actor no less. I had always been one to develop feelings quickly, but even this I thought to absurd to happen. And who was I to him anyway? Some silly girl with silly notions and fears.

He hasn’t seemed to notice, my nicer voice chimed.

Yes, but give a bit longer and he’ll disappear like all the rest, the harsh one reminded.

I fanned my hand, as if that would make the voices disappear. I ran my fingers through my hair yet again and suddenly, there was a light bulb.

When I got to the field, I tried to ignore the little flip my heart made when I saw that he was indeed there. He had his back to me, and he was checking his watch.

He’s wondering where you are, the kind voiced smiled.

I couldn’t help but smile as well. I knew it was foolish to take these feelings seriously, but they were there all the same. Pretending they weren’t wouldn’t help any more than embracing them.

He was wearing a loose, gray shirt that gripped his defined upper arms nicely. The well worn, faded, beige shorts were a nice change from his usual jeans. He wasn’t wearing any shoes, but wether that meant he had flip flops or simply took off his tennies I wasn’t sure.

“Waiting for someone?” I called softly.

I watched his head whip around quickly, irritatingly aware of my beating heart. Then it did a back flip, because the moment he saw me his eyes filled with happy recognition, and a full smile spread across his lips. I tried to stamp down my butterflies, but to no avail.

He got to his feet quickly, and met me halfway. He looked down at me, and I couldn’t help but blush up at him. I knew it was silly, but this was the power he had over me. I wondered if he knew it.

“I worried..I’re late, Emma.” He scolded.

“I know, but I honestly wasn’t sure you’d want to brave the humidity.” I replied.

“I guess that’s understandable.” He said, tugging at his sweaty shirt. “It is quite horrid.”

“So what are we reading today?” He asked.

“No reading today, too muggy.” I answered.

He tilted his head and opened his mouth to speak, but I lifted a finger to my lips. He watched me, amusement and curiosity glinting in his eyes. I took his hand heading towards the back end of the field, farther from the park.

He didn’t fight, he didn’t protest, but above all he didn’t question. Anytime I peeked back at him he was simply smiling, taking in his new adventure. I think that was when I truly fell, deeply and quickly.

Finally, ahead I could see the sun glinting through the leaves. I took hold of the tree’s branch, and looked back at my companion. He looked at me with curiosity, anticipation, and of course amusement. Like always.

“I have more than one secret spot.” I stated, moving the branch to reveal it. It was a small, old, wooden dock that came a ways out into the water. It was anchored deep into the earth by way of an old oak’s roots. You couldn’t tell where the one ended, and the other began. It had a meager set of planks nailed together, as some sort of railing I guessed. Time hadn’t been kind to the railing though.

The bank was covered in wild flowers, and the part of the river the little dock over looked was calm and smooth. The sun glinted off it beautifully, and I proceeded onto the dock. I could hear Rick’s heavy foot falls, following close behind.

I stopped at the end of the dock, taking in a deep breath. I turned to look at my companion, and saw that he was watching me; an unknown emotion glinting in his eyes. I smiled shyly, shrugging my shoulders as I pushed my bangs behind my ear, but he didn’t look away.

“What?” I asked finally.

“I don’t know, you’ve surprised me is all…you keep doing that.” He replied, walking up to my side.

If I hadn’t been watching closely, I might’ve missed the flash of worry, or even sadness, that went across his brow. I wondered at its meaning, and wether or not my surprising him was a bad thing.

“How’d you find this place?” He asked, gazing out into the water.

“I had been reading in my field, and I had looked up to see a fox scamper this way…I just decided to follow it.” I shrugged. “It lead me here.”

“Why’d you share it with me?” He quizzed, a softness touching the words.

I toed the edge of the dock, thinking. I didn’t really have an answer, at least not one that I felt would be satisfactory. I looked over at him, seeing his attention had once again returned to me. And before I could grab it, the words tumbled out into the world.

“Because I knew you’d be someone I could trust with it.”

He looked as if he wanted to say something, but whatever it was quickly retreated back into his head. He smiled and nodded, looking back out at the water. The trees on the opposite shore seemed as tightly woven and mysterious as the man beside me, and yet I could still find them beautiful.

It’s a funny thing, love. It always picks the quirks and defects to like best. You could like someone entirely on their qualities, but it’s their mistakes and flaws you fall for. The fact that they’re human too. I decided to lighten the mood.

I walked back towards the beginning of the dock, and broke out into a sprint down its length. I launched myself off the edge with all my strength, crashing into the water’s glittering surface.

I could hear him yelling for me, and I couldn’t help but play a game. I kept under water, swimming back towards the dock as his muffled voice floated towards me. I popped out of the water and yelled boo, laughing at the way he jumped.

“Have you gone mad?!” He bellowed.

I just laughed again, and floated into my back. To my surprise he joined me, and we stayed there till the sun began to set.

We sat at the dock edge, watching the sky turn from blue to a beautiful vermillion color. We were in each other’s confidence there, and this time it wasn’t just me opening up.

He told me lots of things. Some were hard to speak about and some were easy; some made him laugh and some made him frown. Each one I took gently into my heart, locking them away to never be seen by anyone but me. Then he looked at me, and a shared smile broke out between us.

We got up and headed back, our hands dangerously close together. His hand was the one to touch first, and quickly it moved from a touch to a grip. I smiled to myself, my heart beating fast and slow at the same time. We held hands all the way back to the walking path, then said our good byes.

Had I been paying attention like before I would’ve seen him try to speak. I would’ve seen the sadness in his eyes, but I hadn’t. I went home, thinking of tomorrow.

Definitely Unexpected: A Short Story, Part 2

My brain had been reeling all night over the previous day, and about how I acted. I couldn’t get over how much of a jerk I was. Damn my personality. Why couldn’t I act like a normal chick when it came to males? Every time a prospective gentleman came my way I acted like a total ice queen.

I ran my fingers through my wavy, blonde hair, trying to get my brain back on track. Unfortunately, it wasn’t having it.

I banged my head against my desk, trying hard not to glare at the blinking line on Word’s blank page. Nothing was coming to me, nothing but a certain actor’s face. And what a face it is, I thought to myself.

I sat upright, shaking my head harshly. I needed to get something down for my editor, but my characters refused to budge. Finally I gave up on the idea of being a productive writer, and headed upstairs to change into my dress. It was time to clear my head at the park.

I made it to the park in record time, as there was no one else on the roads with me. Being an author had its perks, and not dealing with traffic was definitely one of them.

I followed my usual path towards the walking area, once again making sure not to be followed.

Perhaps I was being silly about the field, but the little spot had looked so neglected. I liked to think it was happy to have just me; someone with whom it could truly feel treasured. Except it’s not just me in on the secret any more, I thought. There was another; one who took over my thoughts once more.

But surely, he wouldn’t return. I shook my head once more, and looked to my left and right before setting off up the hill.

As I got to the top, I noticed that the tall grass was bent a little in one spot. I looked around, but other than me there was no one.

“Is someone hiding in your grass?” I whispered to the field. I moved carefully towards the bent grass, craning my neck to try to see. As I got closer I realized, to my complete amazement, it was Mr. Amins again.

“M-mr. Amins?” I stuttered.

It took a while, but his eyes slowly fluttered open. He looked around, and when his gaze settled on me he smiled. I blushed softly, looking away as he began to stretch. He quickly got to his feet, and man was he tall; 6’2″ at least. I couldn’t help but look surprised.

“What’s wrong?” He asked. “Is there something on my face?”

“Wha-Oh no, you’re just…a lot taller in person.” I mumbled.

“Hahaha, I suppose I am,” he stretched. “But to be fair, you are pretty small. What are you, 5’2″?”

“Excuse me sir I happen to be 5’4″.” I protested, blushing furiously.

He laughed deeply, sitting back down in the grass. He looked up at me, then pointed an elegant finger at the book in my arms.

“What happened to Sense and Sensibility?” He asked. “Wasn’t to your tastes?”

“What? Oh no, I finished it last night.” I replied.

“Wow, so now you’re on…Jane Eyre?” He asked, tilting his head to read the cover. I nodded, fiddling with the book.

“Did you just start it?”

“No, I was going to start it when I got here.” I said softly.

“Oh well great,” he mused. “Would you mind reading it to me?”

I looked at him, not really sure what to say. I could see in his face he wasn’t joking, but what grown man asks a woman to read to him. I looked around the field again. Why, I had no clue. I think the field was as clueless as me.

“Don’t you have agent or posse or female companion that is wondering where you are?” I grumbled.

He looked at me for a while, right in my eyes. Then he shook his head no. I feel like something important had just happened, but I had no idea what.

“Here, I am simply Rick,” he said. “So will you read to me?”

I let out a big sigh, then gave a shrug. I moved to sit, and Mr. Amins laid back down; his hands settled behind his head. I cracked open the book, taking in its crisp, sweet scent. I let my fingers slide gently over its pages, and a small smile crept from my lips. I looked over at Mr. Amins and, to my horror, realized he was watching me. He even wore a smile.

I blushed a deep red, and quickly hit him with my book. He burst into a fit of laughter, rolling away to try to escape.

I cleared my throat, and brushed my bangs behind my ear. I glanced over at my audience, but he was back to laying with his hands behind his head. He had even closed his eyes again. I took a deep breath, then softly began to read.

It wasn’t very long before the world that lived and breathed around me disappeared, and was replaced with a new one. A new world that smelt of old wood, and the smallest hint of vanilla. The characters came to life before me, and they played their parts with expert skill. There were even a few times I had become so engrossed Mr. Amins had to nudge me; a reminder I was meant to read aloud.

Slowly but surely, the light upon which I read began to dim. I looked up to see the sun was beginning to ebb, so I closed the book and shook Mr. Amins.

He opened his eyes rather slowly, and I began to wonder if perhaps he had fallen asleep some time ago.

“Did you actually hear all that, or did I just put you to sleep?” I asked.

“I heard every word,” he replied. “But your voice is incredibly calming, so I had to be very careful not to doze.”

I blushed once more, not used to a man complimenting me so easily. He got to his feet before me, then outstretched his hand to help me up. I took it gently, and hopped to my feet beside him.

As we began to head towards the path, I looked up into my companions face. His brow was furrowed, and his jaw was set harshly. He had something on his mind, but it didn’t seem good.

“What’s the matter?” I asked.

He must have been deep in thought as he actually jumped at my voice. He looked at me, and opened his mouth to possibly say something. Then he closed it quickly, as if thinking better of what he was going to say. We were almost to the path when he finally said something.

“Didn’t you think Mr. Rochester was rather cowardly?” He questioned.

“Hmm? In what way?” I replied, curious where this was going. We had covered a good bit of the book, and had touched upon Rochester and Eyre’s budding feelings.

“In the way that he pretty much danced around admitting the truth, and kept trying to egg on a revelation from Eyre.” He replied. “And when she doesn’t get it he just turns rude and says he’s talking about Blanche.”

He seemed rather miffed at it all, and if I was honest I found it incredibly funny. Here was this grown man, visibly upset over a character in a book I just read. I didn’t mind though. On the contrary, I enjoyed it. So, I replied in kind.

“I don’t think it was necessarily cowardly, but more of a man becoming frustrated.” I answered. “Jane is innocent in the ways of love, and has it in her head that Rochester couldn’t love her, for she believes his target is Blanche. I think the way he acted was simply the only thing he could do to get a reaction, and see if his feelings are indeed reciprocated.”

“Then you’re saying Jane is oblivious?” He retorted, smiling.

“I would say it was more of a self doubt thing,” I began. “She thinks over his past talks and actions and does indeed see his feelings for her in them, but upon learning of and meeting Blanche she doubts her initial beliefs. Honestly, I think them both stubborn fools in love.”

I could see him digesting my answer as he helped me down the hill. He looked me over then, and rested his gaze on my face. A look of interest, and possible amusement in his eyes.

“Miss Emma, I do believe I agree with you.” He smiled.

I smiled back at him, happy that I gave him an agreeable answer. We both went our separate ways on the path once more, but I couldn’t help but look back at him. To my surprise, he was looking back at me.

Definitely Unexpected: A Short Story, Part 1

It had been a beautiful, sunny June day when I left the house. I had dressed in my comfy, cotton, teal regency gown; a dress I had gotten off Etsy, and one I wore as often as I pleased.

My copy of sense and sensibility was happily tucked under my arm, and I had hopped in my car to go to the park.

When I had arrived the park was full of people, and for a moment I worried my secret spot might have finally been found out. Fortunately, that had not been the case.

I made sure no one was watching me before I made my way to my spot. I was constantly looking back, and I even pretended I was a spy on my way to a rendezvous. I remember giggling at my childishness, but I loved my spot dearly.

The park had a walking path through the trees that was extremely beautiful, but if you left the gravel to follow a small and worn foot way in the foliage, it wouldn’t be long after that you came upon my spot.

I remember having decided to explore when I had gotten bored one day. I trounced through the fallen trees and decaying leaves to come upon a small hill. I had followed it up carefully, and there it was. Completely untouched, and all mine.

It was just a simple flower field, but to me it was paradise. Here is where I could truly be alone. Wether I shared it with a book or my imagination, the field didn’t argue with either.

Anyway, I had gotten to my spot, and cracked open my book to read a while. I don’t remember how long I read. Nor do I remember when exactly I fell asleep. Neither of those memories were as important as the fact that I had now woken to a man, staring down at me with a confused look.

I screamed, and this startled the man so much he stumbled backward. To his dismay, and my mild amusement, he actually fell on his ass. I quickly got up and put some distance between us.

“Oh Jesus, I’m so sorry,” he bellowed. ” I just saw you laying there and I worried you might be dead!”

“Well, obviously I’m not you creep!” I sniped.

“I assure you Madame, I am not a creep.” He said.

His deep voice and rich British accent were incredibly enticing, but he gave his back to me as he got up so I couldn’t see his face. He started to dust himself off, and I glanced towards my usual exit.

Suddenly he turned around, and I couldn’t help but stare wide eyed. I had seen his handsome face multiple times in shows, and a few movies. This was Rick Amins, the actor.

I found myself completely dumb founded. I never once believed I’d meet him for real, or if I did I’d be lumped in with a bunch of other fans. Yet, here he was; flesh and blood before me.

He reached down to grab his hat and sunglasses, then to my dismay he grabbed my book.

It’s not like I was worried he’d judge my tastes or whatever, I just preferred to be the ONLY ONE who handled my books. He gently stroked the cover, and a small smile crept over his features.

“Sense and Sensibility is it?” He said, handing me back my book. “Your first read through?”

I nodded as I took it quickly from his hands, and I felt a blush creep up my face.

I became painfully aware of how silly I must look to him. I started to feel anger rise in my chest. Why should I care what this guy thinks? I loved my dress, AND I loved how I looked in it. Suddenly he stuck his hand out to me.

“My name is Rick,” he beamed.

“Yes I know who you are,” I responded curtly. “How’d you find this place?”

He pulled his hand away slowly, and I had to fight hard not to chastise myself. Being rude was not the norm for me, but this guy had scared the bejeezus out of me AND trespassed on my spot.

“I really do apologize for scaring you, and to answer your question I just found it.” He replied. “Did I somehow intrude?”

“No…” I grumbled. “No enjoy it, I was done anyway.”

I started to walk off when he suddenly stumbled after me. For some reason I actually stopped when he told me to wait, and I even blushed like a doofus when he lightly touched my arm.

“Well wait, perhaps I could accompany you back to the path,” he started. “It’s not appropriate for a young lady to walk the woods alone.”

I stared at him, a look of bemusement on my face. I started to walk off again.

“First, it’s a PARK not the woods. Second, the rules of civility also state it’s not appropriate for un-introduced people to walk alone together either,” I stated.

“Well then tell me your name,” he laughed. “Then we shall be introduced, and I may walk with you.”

“I don’t make a habit of telling my name to random men, sorry.” I said.

He quickly jogged up to my side, once again bringing me to stop. I let out a big sigh, crossing my arms and raising my eyebrows expectantly. He raised a finger to give him a moment, then proceeded to take gulps of air. I couldn’t help but laugh at him a bit. The dude was persistent, I’d give him that.

“How about,” he heaved. “A wager then.”

“A wager?” I asked, interested.

“You give me three chances to guess your name,” he said, finally catching his breath. “And if I do, you allow me to walk with you.”

“If you don’t?” I questioned.

“I quickly disappear from your sight.” He smiled.

I thought about it for a moment, glancing towards my exit from time to time. I looked up into his bright blue eyes, and tried not to get all doey eyed. His chestnut brown hair swayed softly in the wind, and I couldn’t help but feel a slight giddiness in his presence.

I mean, this was a famous actor for goodness sake. I should be fawning all over him, and getting autographs. Yet, I wasn’t. For some reason my instincts said act normally. So I did.

“Fine three chances, but no hints and if I win you must never return to MY spot.” I demanded, swinging my arm out to indicate the field.

He laughed heartily, and nodded with his hands raised defensively. He put a finger to his bottom lip, and started to pace.

“Eunice!” He blurted.

I made a horrible face, and quickly shook my head. He laughed again, and to my shame it made blush. I looked away from him embarrassed. He looked to be thinking hard, and every now and then he’d glance up at my face.

“Evangeline!” He blurted again, startling me. I shook my head once more. At least Evangeline was pretty. To my surprise he actually looked a little worried, perhaps even sad.

Then, he stopped in front of me. He looked me up and down, leveling his gaze at the book in my arms. His smile made my breath catch.

“Would your name by any chance, be Emma?” He asked sweetly.

I stared up at him surprised, my mouth hanging slightly open. I looked down at the book in my arms, but I couldn’t understand how he’d guess my name from Sense and Sensibility.

“W-what…how?” I asked.

“You look like an Emma.” He shrugged.

He beamed a triumphant smile at me, offering me his arm. I made a face of displeasure, proceeding to storm off towards the path.

I could hear him chuckling behind me, utterly pleased with himself. He quickly caught up with me, and placed his hands behind his back.

“So,” he started.


“You said you knew who I was,” he smiled. “That would imply you’ve seen some of my stuff.”

“Yeah, I think you’re a very talented actor.” I said, glancing at his face.

“And yet you act as if I’ve horribly offended you.” He retorted.

I stopped suddenly, causing him to trip so he wouldn’t run into me. I quickly surveyed my surroundings, taking notice that the normal walking path was just a few feet away. I took a deep breath, and spun on him.

“Considering that upon meeting you I was scared half to death, had my safe haven intruded upon, AND denied a very nice solitary walk through the park I am not exactly KEEN on you,” I blurted, heat rising to my face. “You may very well be an excellent actor, but to me you’re just another man that ruined my reading time.”

I could feel my heart racing in my chest, slamming harshly against its cage. I looked up into his face, and couldn’t believe the amount of amusement I saw there. He looked down right giddy, the cheeky bastard.

“In my defense…you were sleeping when I met you miss Emma, not reading.” He smiled.

I raised a finger and opened my mouth to contradict, but he wasn’t wrong. I closed my mouth with an audible snap, stomping off again towards the path. I heard him chuckle behind me again, making my irritation grow.

“You know, whenever I pictured myself walking in a beautiful place with a man I was never irritated.” I said as I stumbled through the foliage. Mr. Amins took a gentle hold of my bicep, steadying me. We made it back to the walking path as another guy came walking up.

“Well good bye Mr. Amins,” I smiled, offering my hand. “It was..a pleasure.”

“It’s Rick if you don’t mind,” he smiled, taking my hand. “And it was, at least for me it was.”

I looked up into his face, not exactly sure what I was looking for. I shook his hand once more, then went on my way.

The Tragedy of The Hangsley Twins: A Poem

You think that I don’t notice. You think that I don’t see. But there is nothing that I miss, of this disgusting mockery.

I see the way they leave your chambers, all disheveled and undone. I notice the time they spend there, and I wish I was the one.

You parade them all in front of me, and smirk and glance my way. I know it’s me your after, but I’ll never get my way.

The bruises that perverse their flesh, they’re mine by right I’m sure. For you are my own brother; my love, my twin, my mirror.

I’m sure you feel it too, this tainted purity. How could anyone understand? You are the only one for me.

I’m watching you right now, flirting with some girl. It should be me whose hair you finger, my ringlets that you twirl.

I’ll get your attention some day, and then you’ll feel my grief.

Another evening ball, my chance to cause you pain.

Hopefully this will help you.

God you’ve grown so vain.

The man walks up to me, and I see your ire rise.

This reflection is for you alone, so who is this foolish clown.

It is my turn to glance and smirk. This is no longer a game.

I need your touch to fill me, but till then he shall do.

We dance a song or two. He’s sweet, and charming too.

Unfortunately he’s not you, and only you will do.

You leave that girl without a word, fire in your eyes.

Another man has touched me, and that simply will not do.

The music begins to play, and you crush me with your hands.

This is our only chance, to play out our romance.

You growl and hiss and snap, the rage consuming you.

You are my twin, my heart, you whisper. How dare you give him you.

Your fingers blaze a trail, my core flaming true.

I am your twin, your heart, I moan. So please, please take me soon.

The crowd has disappeared, and with them the world has too.

It’s only when we waltz, that this passion can ring true.

It’s only when we waltz, that I can finally have you.

My Depression: A Poem

I feel like I’m drowning, this flooding of gray.

Why are you waiting?

Can you save me this way?

I want to function; to move, to laugh, to cry.

Why can’t I?

I want to do these things, but the power to conceive them, just isn’t mine to keep.

Where is my savior?

My power, my muse.

Why do you hide from me?

Why isn’t it me you choose?

I really want it to stop, to flow like the tears I need.

Yet here I drown in gray;

Unfeeling, and insane.